• Ready, Set, Glow Kit
  • Ready, Set, Glow Kit

Ready, Set, Glow Kit

  • Prime. Set. Cleanse.
  • This gift set contains one Makeup Remover Pad, Makeup Primer and Moisture Setting Spray
  • Easily prepare your skin for radiant makeup application, set it in place, and remove it at the end of the day with just water with this 3-in-1 kit
  • Free from cruelty, parabens, mineral oil, fragrance & alcohol


Lunar Glow's Ready, Set, Glow Kit:

Makeup Primer

Lunar's Face, Foundation & Makeup Primer is a light oil-free (water based) serum formulated to even out skin tone while adding moisture.

Lunar Makeup Primer absorbs rapidly and helps to even the appearance of lines and blemishes, hydrating and priming your skin for perfect makeup application.


Moisture Setting Spray

Lunar Glow Moisture Setting Spray is a one-of-a-kind product designed to add moisture and support to your skin after makeup application. Designed for seamless makeup application, helping to bring a youthful radiance to your skin! 


Makeup Remover Pad

Made from a recycled microfibre material, Lunar Glow Makeup Remover Pads only require water to lift off makeup, including stubborn, water-proof product, from your skin.


Prep your skin the right way, feel the Glow of Lunar


This product is:

Cruelty free 🐇

Alcohol free 💫

Paraben free 🍇

Mineral oil free 🌈

Fragrance free 🌱